If you are like many others, you want to know whether medical cannabis is legal in the UK. The truth is that there are many types of medical marijuana in the UK that someone can get by prescription or over-the-counter. However, medical marijuana is highly regulated and monitored in the UK.

There are many countries who have legalized medical cannabis to help with the treatment of many diseases such as cancer, migraines, chronic pain, etc. With this, there’s still controversies over medical cannabis.

For the most part cannabis is still illegal throughout the UK. With that being said, there are some medical cannabis options that someone can get in the UK.

Legality of Medical Cannabis in the UK and Conditions it Can Treat

If you want to Buy Weed Online UK, you first need to know whether medical cannabis is legal in the UK. Cannabis is illegal in the UK. However, if someone has a medical condition that qualifies, they can try to get approved for medical cannabis. Those who get approved for this type of cannabis could potentially use cannabis to help with their symptoms.

Someone with approval for medical cannabis can smoke it, take it in oil form, or take a pill with cannabis in it. Mostly low concentration options are available with the oil.

There are numerous issues and conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis. Research shows that medical cannabis can do the following:

  • Boost sleep quality
  • Improve appetite
  • Lower stress levels
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Treating epilepsy symptoms (only in higher concentration)
  • Treating symptoms of cancer
  • Lastly, treating symptoms of HIV

While medical cannabis can help people with many health issues, it is important to know that there is a limit to the THC that can be in the cannabis oil. In the UK, any cannabis oil that has over .05% THC is banned.

Prescriptions for Medical Cannabis

During July of 2018, a government board decided that doctors should be able to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes. This is only the case for specific medical ailments. In addition, it was recommended that clinical trials be done to make sure the cannabis would be safe and effective.

As of November 1, 2018, cannabis products could be prescribed by doctors to their patients. Those rules apply to Wales, Scotland, and England. After stories circulate surrounding epilepsy patients benefiting from cannabis oil, the government professionals decide that it would be okay for some patients to receive medical cannabis.

Classifications for Medical Cannabis

Not all cannabis is classified as medical cannabis. If you are going to Buy Weed Online UK, you need to know what type of cannabis is medical and what is not. Medical cannabis must meet specific requirements. These requirements include the following:

  • Must contain cannabis, cannabinol, cannabis resin, or cannabinol derivative
  • Must be created for medical reasons in humans
  • Also, it must be named as a medical cannabis product
  • Must be prepared as a medical cannabis product

These are the classifications for medical cannabis in the UK. If the cannabis does not meet these requirements, it can’t be prescribed or given out to people as medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Isn’t Popular Throughout the UK

Even though medical cannabis is allowed in the UK, there haven’t been many prescriptions issued by doctors. One of the reasons for this is because there isn’t as much access to medical cannabis like there is in other countries, such as the United States. Due to the guidelines for medical cannabis, doctors can only recommend or prescribe it in very specific circumstances. Even those with chronic pain in the UK can’t get medical cannabis.

With this being said, there are UK patients who have benefited from medical cannabis. MS patients have benefited from medical Sativex. In addition, there are CBD medicines that have helped epilepsy patients. If you want to Buy CBD Oil UK and have a qualifying medical condition, you can do this, as well.

Another reason there aren’t many people getting medical cannabis in the UK is because there isn’t enough clinical research to support the use of it. In addition, medical cannabis in the UK is quite expensive.

Medical Cannabis In the UK

More clinical studies need to be done in the UK to see whether medical cannabis is going to be helpful for various health conditions. Once this is done, some professionals believe that more patients will be able to get medical cannabis prescriptions. In addition, this type of cannabis needs to be offered at less expensive prices in order for more people to have access to it. The medical cannabis prescriptions are currently around hundreds to thousands of pounds every month.

Finally, cannabis is difficult for people in the UK to get. This is part of the reason why it is so expensive and why not many patients can get a prescription for it. The dried extracts and flowers have to get imported from the Netherlands and Canada. The license and courier prices are significant, raising the cannabis prices even more. Being able to produce cannabis domestically would significantly lower the cost for the prescriptions.

NHS Access and Pricing in Regards to Chronic Pain

The NHS doesn’t have enough of a budget or enough resources. Their current guidelines for doctors being able to prescribe medical cannabis is based upon whether the cost is worth the effectiveness of the cannabis. At this point in time, the NHS is stating that cannabis will need to be much less expensive or much more effective in order to have it prescribed to chronic pain patients. The only reason the Sativex and the Epidyolex are approved by the NHS is because those companies reduced their prices.

Hope for the Future

For those wanting to Buy Weed Online UK or Buy CBD Oil UK, they might need more time to get what they are looking for. Currently, the UK seems to be at a standstill when it comes to medical cannabis. However, things will likely get better with time. Cannabis distributors are securing more cannabis products and costs are starting to fall. In addition, more medical cannabis sources are arising. Many of them will become available online soon. There will be more clinical studies and research done in the UK over time. This will allow for more patients, with varying health conditions, to be able to gain access to medical cannabis. While this won’t help the patients who are struggling at this time, it is some hope for the future of these patients and other patients, as well.


There could also be more work done on the legislation. At this time, nearly 70% of the legislature supports cannabis legislation. They commit to helping with the reform for medical cannabis. Some of them even look into recreational cannabis, so that more people will have access to cannabis, when need arises.

There is certainly still a line between recreational and medical cannabis. However, the more that time goes on, the more that this line gets a little blurry. There are surveys in the UK with millions of users filling out their opinions. Nearly 1 ½ million UK survey participants are using cannabis illegally to self-medicate their diagnosed health condition. More than ½ of those are using cannabis daily. In addition, there are more who are using cannabis without a diagnosis for a doctor for a certain health condition. This just goes to show how many people feel the need to use medical cannabis, but who don’t have access to it.

There might be hope that the legislation will work things out in the future. Both sides of the legislature have been in talks about cannabis laws – whether those be recreational or medical. For now, though, medical cannabis is only available for specific patients. There are going to continue being people in the legislature that don’t necessarily agree with cannabis use. However, as more and more research does and more studies funds, new information comes to light. There are more people who are pushing to get these patients the treatment they need, even if that is with medical cannabis.


While it is unfortunate that there are still so many patients, including chronic pain patients, who go without treatments that can help them, the future may hold hope for them. In the UK, currently medical cannabis is legal. However, not many patients have access to it yet. With this being said, after more time has passed and more research has been done, those in the legislature might pass laws that help more people to get access to medical cannabis.

This might allow people who have various health conditions to use cannabis legally. Medical cannabis has been legal in many countries around the world. Not all the countries are allowing everyone to have access to medical cannabis. Only select health conditions qualify and only certain distributors can offer medical cannabis. There are requirements that must be met for cannabis to be considered for medical use. For now, the cannabis that allowed for medical use, can help the patients who qualify. Share your thoughts below: Is medical cannabis legal in the UK?

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