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Cannabis concentrates can offer a lot more value for money in terms of efficacy, making them a popular choice among patients. Buy Rosin Online UK. Understanding the difference between the types of cannabis extracts and distillates can help patients get the best out of their medicine. ‘Concentrate’ simply means concentrated cannabis compounds derived from the raw plant.

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One kind of concentrate in particular – CBD oil – has gain a lot of popularity over the past few years for its medicinal value. However, contrary to popular belief, THC also has many medicinal qualities. More research is being done into the combine effects of THC and CBD for therapeutic use. Buy Rosin Online UK

Oils that contain THC a can be use without any psychotropic effects as it is only when the THC heats that it turns into THC. However, some concentrates contain very high amounts of the psychoactive component THC – up to 99% in some cases. So, it is vital for patients to properly understand the medicine they are using.

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