The only difference between live resin and another concentrate is that live resin is derived from flowers. These were frozen when they were still wet. Live Resin UK. As opposed to the biomass going through the drying and curing process immediately upon harvest. It’s frozen, so it freezes all the water weight and all the compounds that were in the plant as it was alive. Thus, vs what would get modulated into or what’s lost in the process of drying and curing.

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For instance, some terpenes are lost through the drying process and others are oxidized and degraded. Sometimes that’s a negative thing, but sometimes it can actually even be a positive thing; in certain strains, the real character of the flavor and aromatic profile doesn’t come out until you’ve dried it and cured it. And that’s very subjective, too; it can be preferential based on the person or the strain. Live Resin UK

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