Delta 8 THC Distillate UK

What is Distilled THC? Long and short, distilled THC is an extraction process. Buy THC Distillates UK. With this, you can attain purity levels of 99% of specific cannabinoids. The purification of specific ingredients means that distilled products are extremely potent. Typically the two compounds that are distilled are THC and CBD. One for its psychoactive properties and the other for its medicinal benefits. Still want a little more info? Read on.

How do the different extract methods affect the end product?

Distilled products may also be called “fractional” or “short path distillation” products. These two names refer to two different extraction methods but are in fact the same thing. Both of these methods are not new. The cannabis industry has learned and borrowed from the essential oils and botanicals industry as they also have to extract specific compounds from plant matter. Using vacuum pressure, steam, and diluting agents, producers can distill specific compounds such as THC or CBD. THC and CBD have different boiling points and as such the temperature can be regulated to harvest whatever compound is desired. This is great as you can then craft specific products using either CBD or THC. Buy THC Distillates UK

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