1000mg PureKana Natural CBD Oil


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1000mg PureKana Natural CBD Oil

All of PureKana’s CBD oil is full spectrum CBD oil containing less than .02% THC. 1000mg PureKana Natural CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil contains trace but legal amounts of THC. You should not get a false positive on a drug test with full spectrum oil, but there is a small chance that you might (just like I did).

Full spectrum CBD oil generally works better than CBD isolate (CBD oil which only contains CBD, nothing else).

PureKana’s CBD oil comes in three flavors, mint, vanilla and natural. All their oils come in 30ml sizes with three options for strength:

  1. 300mg
  2. 600mg
  3. 1000mg

Their CBD oil ingredients are simple and healthy: Hemp extract and MCT oil for the natural CBD variety. Added to the ingredient list is natural flavoring for the flavored oils.

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