Level Pax Extract Pod


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Introducing the new Level Pax Extract Pods (For use with the Pax Era Oil Vaporizer Only) using science to transform cannabis into a tool that you can use to modulate your mood.

Level offers the highest quality cannabis products blended to suit the preferences and well-being of people everywhere. Hence, all Level products are additive free, pesticide free and solvent free.

Level takes great care to maintain the full flavor in our oils by maintaining the terpene profile present in the original flower through each step of processing.

3 Strains/Experiences to choose from:

High (Blue Dream) The quintessential cannabis experience. Thus, this blend highlights all the characteristics of a “classic high.” Reality is elevated and the world becomes more interesting, fun, and playful. Level Pax Extract Pod

Spark (Jack Herer) The highest sativa blend in our Classic family. Hence, it characterized by its stimulating and focusing effects. Nevertheless, experience everything enhanced with this cerebral psychoactive blend that promotes connecting ideas and focused attention.

Float (UK Cheese) The indica blend that’s perfect for chilling. Feel physically relaxed but mentally alert. Thus, perfect for a introspective afternoon or a fully immersive entertainment experience. So, whatever your pleasure, it’s all good. Level Pax Extract Pod

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