ROYAL MOBY Cannabis Seeds


• Haze x White Widow

• Sativa-dominant (65%)

• Flowering period: 9-10 weeks

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Royal Moby is a very good option for indoor growers who prefer to grow a smaller number of plants. Maybe just one or two, to achieve high yields per plant using low-stress training methods. Growing Moby Dick in a sea of green is just as possible and results in high yields of up to 600g/m². But a ScrOG could potentially take advantage of the many strong side branches. Thus, produce the same results by growing a limited number of plants. ROYAL MOBY Cannabis Seeds

Indoor growers need to compromise a bit on space but will grow plants that yield excellent and produce high THC levels of 21%. Royal Moby handles large amounts of fertilizers without being overfed to soon and is therefore also a viable option for growers using hydro set-ups like DWC.

The high of Royal Moby is too strong to sell it without additional warnings – enjoy responsibly and don’t operate heavy machinery while being under the influence of this gigantic high. Cannabis can be either male or female—also called “dioecious”—but only females produce the buds we all know and love. Buy Cannabis Seeds UK. However, for reproduction, the flower of a female plant must be pollinated by a male plant. Thus, after which the female flower produces seeds. ROYAL MOBY Cannabis Seeds

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in the UK?

Once the seeds mature, the female plant begins to die, and seeds either drop to the ground. Here, they germinate and grow into new cannabis plants the next spring. Moreover, they harvest for processing into seed oil, food products. Lastly, to sow to become the next generation of plants. Buy Cannabis Seeds UK

To get the buds you find in medical and recreational stores, female cannabis plants grow in an environment without males—or the males remove from the area before they release pollen—so that the females don’t create seeds. This high-potency marijuana is traditionally known as “sinsemilla,” meaning “seedless.”

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