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Titan II Vape Pen

The Titan II Vaporizer is a robust vaporizing instrument featuring an intuitive temperature control system. So, it offers a wide-mouth heating chamber for easy loading and cleaning and features a durable and rugged rubberized exterior.

Memory function: Hebe Vaporizer features a memory function, which means it will memorize the setting temperature you selected last time, so when you start to vape again, you don’t need to repeat the temperature-setting process.


Specifications / Details:

  • Dry herbs
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Digital display for Temperature and Battery State
  • Battery capacity of 2200mah.
  • Quickly click the button 5 times to turn ON/OFF


  • Inserted iron oxide red silicone band of white latex to avoid heating of mouthpiece.
  • Also, Titan II Vaporizer has a double circulation heating system and ventilation holes on both the left and right sides of the vaporizer.
  • To add, 0.75 inch LCD screen display temperature and battery level
  • LCD screen shows the remaining capacity of the battery and temperature increment by 1 degree from 200- 428F.
  • Moreover, Change between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Timer protection: When the system does not heating within one minutes, it will turned off automatically
  • Low voltage protection: When the battery is low, the system will stop heating and LCD back-light flashes
  • Returns to the last temperature you used last.


  • Hebe TITAN II Vaporizer
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Clear cleaning brush
  • 5pcs Spare Mouth Filters
  • 2pcs Black Long Silicone Mouth Protector Caps


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